Organization, Each Department and Laboratory

Administration Div./Clerical Work Div. TEL 076-267-8080
administration of property and clerical works

Planning/Consultation Dpt. TEL 076-267-8081
consultation and guidance on technology measurement and analysis, patents and journal info.

Machinery/Metal Dept. Industrial Machinery/Precision Processing/Engineering Materials. TEL 076-267-8082
metal industrial machinery, precision processing, engineering materials.

Electronics/Information Dept. System Technology/Information Technology/Assistive Technology//Electronics Materials. 076-267-8084
research and development on system, information processing, technical aid, and electronics materials.

Textile/Life Dept. Textile Product/Textile Machining/Industrial Materials/Special Industrial Technology. TEL 076-267-8083
new textile materials, weaving, knitting, dying, textile machinery, design, Urushi, and traditional arts and crafts.

Design Development Office. 076-267-8085

Chemistry/Food Dept. Industrial Material/Ceramics/Environmental Science. 076-267-8086
chemical analysis, food, ceramics, resin, pollution, etc.

Food Processing Research Office. 076-267-8086
food, biotechnology, etc.

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