Experiment Rooms, Examination Rooms, and Facilities and Laboratory

First Floor

  • Electron Microscope Laboratory
  • Composite Technologies Research Room
  • Digital Engineering Room
  • Machine Performance Research Room
  • Precision Processing Research Room
  • Precision Measurement Laboratory
  • Textile Processing Experiments Laboratory
  • Food Processing Laboratories Wing
  • System Technology Testing Laboratory
  • Material Engineering Laboratory

Second Floor

  • Information Media Room
  • Assistive Technology Laboratory

Third Floor

  • Textile Properties Laboratory
  • Design Development Laboratory
  • Urushi Lacquer Properties Laboratory

Fourth Floor

  • Luminescence X-ray Analysis Room
  • Water Processing Examination Room
  • Organic Chemistry Testing Room
  • Inorganic Chemistry Testing Room

Fifth Floor

  • Clean Room
  • Information Technology Laboratory
  • Open Laboratory Facility
  • Shield Room
  • Audiovisual Room

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