Major Activities

Director's Greeting

The Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa was established as an industry promotion center in 1877. In 1962, it became a comprehensive research center after merging with a textile center, a machinery center, and a craft center. In 1983 it was relocated to its present site.

During those years, we provided technological consultation and guidance, and supervised experiments. These studies included measurement and analysis, research and development, and provided technological information. Since small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the facilities to accommodate such experiments, the Institute has played an important role in industry. We have expanded our technological exchange network outside Ishikawa and internationally in order to support the promotion and internationalization of the technology of small and medium-sized enterprises.

We think the Internet is the most appropriate way of introducing the activities of IRII. I hope you will access our employees and enterprises in Ishikawa prefecture through the Internet.

Outline of Activities

Technological Consultation and Guidance
We provide consultation and guidance in order to solve the technological problems of each company.
  • Overseeing sites through visiting and observing the company regularly.
  • Holding meetings where technology is regularly discussed
Measurement and Analysis
We perform measurement, experiment, and analysis on devices and materials from companies, through ultra-modern testing and measurement tools.
  • Machinery and metal testing
  • Textile testing and examination
  • Chemical content testing
  • Pollution measurement testing
Research and Development
We have performed various types of research which aid in the promotion of production technology and the development of new products. This research has benefited the advancement of local industry.
  • Research to meet the needs of local industry
  • Joint-research with enterprises and universities
  • Research exchange with engineers and researchers at home and abroad.
Providing Technological Information
We have a computer network with research institutes at home and abroad and provide up-to-date technological information through the Internet.
  • Technological news and research report published
  • Reference service of patent information and public relations

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